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Heritage Home Care
1973 Walnut Grove Rd
Sevierville, TN 37876 Email: jeffa@heritagelog.com
Tel. 1-800-456-4663 Fax. 1-423-429-4434
Heritage Homecare features products for protecting the exterior of wood siding, log homes, fences, porches, and decks. We have a group of products specifically designed to protect these surfaces. Woodguard Exterior Wood Preservative is the only exterior product available that is toxic to Termites & Powder Post Beetles. An optional product that mixes in with any paint, stain, or coating is CPF-2D. This contact insecticide helps control nuisance insect problems and prevent them before they develop. Highly effective against wasps, spiders, Carpenter Bees, flies, hornets, ants, mosquitoes, mites, ticks, and roaches. Call 1-800-456-4663, extension 30 today!
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Top · Heritage Home Care

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