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Batticİ Door
9 Harding Lane
Mansfield, MA 02048 Email: info@batticdoor.com
Tel. 508.320.9082 Fax. 508.339.4571
The Batticİ Door is a highly engineered yet simple solution for anyone with a folding attic stairway or overhead access ladder who desires to reduce air leakage between the conditioned house and the unconditioned attic space. Air leakage and heat loss through an uninsulated folding attic stairway door costs the homeowner energy dollars. The Batticİ Door covers and seals off this area, reducing the transfer of air and moisture, while still being easily removed for access to the attic. The Batticİ Door can be covered with the desired amount of insulation to restore the insulation removed during the installation of the stairway.
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Top · Weatherproofing · Batticİ Door

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